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The Secret to a Great Lighting System in Your Home: A Guide

What is a good lighting system?


A good lighting system is a system that utilizes the right amount of lights that you are willing to pay for. That is, you want to be able to see all of your furniture, place, and even see the accessories of your home.


Lighting System Basics


The first thing you’ll need is a central light. Ideally you’d like a one-piece light fixture that glows in a circle. It’s worth noting that by circle of light, I’m referring to the S-shaped, which contains a variety of placement options.


2. Your primary light for most of the rooms you plan to use the light in. You can easily upgrade this light to include some additional features.


3. A secondary light that is located at a different point in your home. I personally use an additional light in a hallway or entryway to add another directional light.


4. A master light that serves as the main fixture for your kitchen. In my kitchen I use a soft white LED light from Philips.


Make your room glow with the right lights


Even if you don’t want to go crazy with a full installed home lighting system, a new fixture here or there can really change the look of your home.


A nice, subtle and sophisticated ambiance can become a home’s focal point, and allow people to easily see what they are doing. The right lighting fixtures can make your house a home, not a rented apartment.


Have you ever been in a new home, not ready to purchase it, but walking through and imagining what it could be like? You look at the foyer and feel as though it’s a glimpse of how the rest of the house could be. As a kid I was always that guy.


Pick the perfect bulbs for your space


With LED bulbs, the bulbs can last a really long time, have a lower energy use and in turn, a much lower carbon footprint, compared to incandescent bulbs. For a study, researchers from Brown University discovered that 100 percent of household bulbs they tested could last for 300,000 hours, which is almost 5 years. However, they did mention that CFL bulbs are the best option if you want to save money on your energy bills.


You can use special LED lights, tape, and other novelty material to customize your light fixtures to your needs. You can even make light globes out of wood, and you can use them to hang your family photo frames in your home.


Consider a dimmer switch to make your home seem brighter!

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So, you’ve decided to completely redo your home. You’ve been dreaming of it for some time, and you finally have the motivation to get it done. Before you spend hours and hours of time putting in new tile, installing new tile, painting and fixing, you want to make sure your home is fully equipped with all the lighting it needs to function. There’s so much to consider in making your home more functional, and keeping you safe and secure. Lighting is one of the most important components of any home, and it’s vital that you make sure you have a thorough and organized plan of attack for when you begin building your new house.