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Elements of Creating Mood With Lighting

While keeping the different types of lighting in mind and where they can be used in your home to add dimension, we should also consider other elements that affect our mood. Uniformity, intensity and color have a great influence on our feelings and what we take out of a living space. These elements can be created through light. 

Too much uniformity within a home will be create a very dull environment and will not foster comfort. Creating highlight and emphasizing texture will build character and dimension. The human mind adores looking at beautiful and intriguing things and therefore this character and slight details is what helps us to feel comfortable and happy.

Color can also be used in lighting with different colored fluorescents or by accenting certain colors already present in a room. Color greatly influences mood psychologically; warm colors can evoke feelings of comfort or warmth while cool colors will create feelings of calmness.

Lighting intensity is a major stimulant of mood as well. Brightly lit spaces will promote conversation and higher volumes along with excitement, whereas very dim lighting can increase intimacy and create feelings of serenity. From day to night one can simply dim the lights in their living room to feel a greater connection with their family or loved ones and brighten the lights during the day to promote efficiency and conversation.