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How to Transform Your Space to be Purposeful With Lighting

Lighting brings contrast into your home, making the fine details visible. We can use three different types of lighting to create perfect functionality in a space.

Ambient light is soft and usually indirect. It is mostly available from natural sources, reflections and as well as artificial sources. This light should always be available for you in large area providing sufficient light to see optimally without strain. It is very important to have this available in main living areas as this will open your space and provide purpose.

Task light on the other hand is very direct and small. Usually used for something specific or a small task at hand. Reading in a chair or doing work at a desk - this light will be provided by a lamp, either on the floor or on a table. In areas that are dedicated to work should also possess a dedicated light source. A lamp or other fixture will not only add to the aesthetic of your home but it will also increase the function of a work space.

Accent light can also be used to add a design element to a room as well. With small or large directional light, we can focus on specific pieces in the home that we want to accentuate. It can highlight texture, artwork, and color.

When we want to bring more ambient light into a room to increase vision and efficiency of daily tasks, typically chandeliers or ceiling mounted fixtures that are high up in your room will be able to provide this by laying a blanket of light over the entire space. For specific tasks at hand or a desire to see better in certain areas, lamps or pendants can be used. Finally, for accent in your home and creating dimensions we can use track lights or more directional lights to emphasize specific details of your home.

I hope everyone learned a little something from this post and we will be back soon!